Welcome to Randomness!

Multiple and different types of atricles will be posted here.

Perfect Dog Walking Weather

This news atricle talks about how it is important to walk your dogs since it is getting close to fall weather. it also talks about how your dog's love towards us is very important

Food And Bears

This article shows the imporance about being safe around bears, especially when you have food.

Math Test

This is a math test that is quick and simple

Color Scheme

This table is some code to help get the colors for a Scarlet Macaw.

Food Time

This is a menu that gives you options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Daily Schedule

This is a table that shows what a daily schedule looks like.


This page shows all the people that are working behind the scenes.(not real)


This is a page that shows the puzzle that I have figured out.

Mini Golf!

This is the scoresheet that you use to go mini golfing.


This is the scoresheet that you use to go bowling.

Let's Play Clue!

This is the note page that is in the game Clue to find what the murder is.

Embedding a Video

This page shows you the instructions to embed a video on a website. (includes a funny video at the end)

Editing Images

In this page, you can see the images I have attepmted to edit to the best of my abilities


This page is where I try transitions and hopefully it's good.